The seventh issue of LODAÇAL COMIX comes out this September. Features the last chapter of Afonso Ferreira’s “LOVE HOLE”, longer comics, and some new/returning artists!

Full Color-Cover / Around 80+ pages of B&W Comics

Comics:  Afonso FerreiraRudolfoAviv ItzcovitzPaula AlmeidaM. TrowerAlabasterADAudrey MorrisNick Sumida, Luiz Berger,  Kevin Czapiewski

Cover: David Rappeneau


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666 HARDWARE – complete 4 u to read – hail satan 666

On September 2011, i released 666 HARDWAREAt the time, it was my longest comic ( 28 pages ). Also i treated it as a collector’s item, with a cool dustcover that also had a wraparound bonus cover by André Coelho.

I hate it now. But here’s the full comic for your appreciation ( since i don’t have plans of selling this anymore cause i hate it now ).

Cover_Prev3 666hardware_3 666hardware_4 666hardware_5 666hardware_6 666hardware_7 666hardware_8 666hardware_9 666hardware_10 666hardware_11 666hardware_12 666hardware_13 666hardware_14 666hardware_15 666hardware_16 666hardware_17 666hardware_18 666hardware_19 666hardware_20 666hardware_21 666hardware_22 666hardware_23 666hardware_24 666hardware_25 666hardware_26 666hardware_27 666hardware_28 666hardware_29 666hardware_30

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Afonso Ferreira’s LOVE HOLE



After almost two years of being serialized in LODAÇAL COMIX Afonso Ferreira’s LOVE HOLE gets a disgusting treatment and is compiled into a book. It brings us the story of the psychotic Josh and the strange series of events that happen after he wakes up alongside his other self from a different timeline.

This is a co-edition with CHILI COM CARNE.

Two color cover.
One color ( red ) 48pages.
Offset edition of 666 copies.

6,5$ (plus shipping)


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Months ago, i did this Comix Zone inspired piece for Jimmy Giegerich’s book with videogame fan-art, Bits in Multiples of 8. This was one of those games that defined my love for comics. I played the hell out of it when i was a kid. Still love it.

The book had a kickstarter that went well. I don’t think you can buy it online just yet. But make sure to look forward to get it when it is, because it looks awesome! Thanks Jimmy!

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DIGITAL DEVIL is a Megami Tensei universe fanzine.
It features illustrations, comics and texts inspired or about the entire MegaTen series ( be it Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey or Persona 3 ).

After a bunch of delays, it’s finally due for October.

Collaborators of this issue: Persona, STK, Daniela FerreiraPui, BuraSuperHikikomori, DeAngela, Rowan Clair, Jordana Bitner, Nick Sumida, JNCarvalho, Tara Bayler, Andrew Kirby, Sex O. Phone , Ian Higginbotham

B&W COVER / Around 40+ pages of B&W Illustrations, Comics and Text
4$ + Shipping


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Sometimes creating what you like means destroying your own self.

released 05 October 2012
All tracks written and performed by RUDOLFO. ———————— 
Track 3 with guest vocals from STRAY. 
Track 5 has a sample from the movie “AMERICAN NINJA 2” 
Track 9 has a sample from the first episode of “FLCL” and every member of Cafetra Records plays or sings something. 
Track 10 with guest vocals from Álvaro Silveira. Guitar by Mary. Drums by Ricardo Martins. 
Recorded and Mixed by Luís Azevedo at Soundcrate Studio 
Mastered by Ghuna X at The Environment
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Something for a record cover.


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MUSCLECHOO – 1/8 to 11/8


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Happy barfday sweetie. ♥

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Sorry for the long hiatus. But he’s back to stay.
Two pages a week again. Every wednesday and saturday.

Things are starting to go insane in this epic steroid tale.
Stay tuned!

( for rookies, read it from the beginning )

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