Lodaçal Comix #3

The third issue of Lodaçal Comix is out now!

Full Color Cover, 80 pages filled with Comics, and bonus Screen-Printed Trading Cards!

Comics: Afonso Ferreira , Kurokawa John , Maré OdomoAaron Kaneshiro , Natalie Andrade , ADRudolfoMichael Deforge , Inés EstradaAviv Itzcovitz , Ze Jian ShenJoão Cravo , Patrick Kyle , Zé Burnay , Timothy Weaver , Bruno Borges

Cover: Afonso Ferreira // Inside Cover: Lauren Albert // Trading Cards: Thomas Toye

Order here. You will get as a bonus, 6 of 20 different trading cards. See all the different drawings here.



About rudolfo666

Comix Artist, Designer and Musician. Puking art like a bullimic teenager.
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7 Responses to Lodaçal Comix #3

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  3. Hello, i have a problem that i think you can help me. I can´t buy your zine at the internet. Can you send me the zine by mail and i pay at the post office ou something like that??. Also give me your adress so that i can send you my Zine, ok?

    Best regards


  4. rudolfo666 says:

    Manda-me e-mail com a morada que envio-te isso à cobrança!

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