It’s out! My new super-improv-action-comic, made in like 20 days while doing daily bus/underground trips or other daily activities!! ( Page previews here )

20 Black and White pages on Yellow Paper. 4$ / 3€

Get it here.

OR, if you want to buy a mega Christmas pack with Lodaçal Comix and other stuff, get it here.

ALSO, LODAÇAL COMIX #3 IS SOLD OUT. Already shipping all the orders! Thanks everyone!


About rudolfo666

Comix Artist, Designer and Musician. Puking art like a bullimic teenager.
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4 Responses to MUSCLECHOO #1 OUT NOW!!!

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  3. zinevet says:

    Tomei conhecimento agora. Parece interessante. Onde posso adquirir?

  4. rudolfo666 says:

    Ou na loja online do Big Cartel, on então enviando-me um mail. Envio à cobrança. Ou então via transf. bancária!
    Entretanto, podes ler mais Musclechoo no webcomic online!


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