This year was fucking AMAZING!!!

This is all of our releases this fucking year!! Around 500 pages of comics… It’s a record ( for me ahah ). Here’s some things i’ve got to say:

  • I started “Lodaçal Comix” for my love of Comics. There was a lack of a regular comics anthology in Portugal. But since there isn’t much interest in it ( for now ), i decided to turn this International and the results have been satisfying. I’ve never been so happy with something that i’ve done, and it’s thanks to all the amazing artists i’ve met, and share ideas, interests, books, experiences, that a project like “Lodaçal” can happen in a regular way. I’m in debt with each and everyone of you, who help me, and buy these anthologies. All the money goes to fund the next issues, and to get the artists their copies, and also, to fund other future comics.
  • Besides “Lodaçal Comix”, i made some new personal work like “666 HARDWARE” or “Musclechoo #1“, that had good sales, and feedback. So those make me equally satisfied.



  • “Lodaçal Comix” will continue as a trimonthly comix zine. In March it’s going to be out the 5th issue, which is the 1st Anniversary Issue too! There’s a bunch of amazing artists for that issue and future ones, so keep an eye on it.
  • In 2012 there will be co-editions with other Publishers like Chili Com Carne and Latrina do Chifrudo . Some of these co-editions are serialized comics from “Lodaçal Comix” put in a single volume, others are graphzines and graphic novels!



  • DORK WAVE” the sci-fi comic that is being written and drawn by both myself and Aaron $hunga , will have a first issue somewhere in 2012.
  • MAGICAL OTAKU  will also have his first own comic. Probably March.
  • MUSCLECHOO #2 is already on the works. Out in the first months of 2012, i hope.
  • And i will be in several new anthologies, and probably there are going to be other new comics along the way.

OH, “Digital Devil“, the Shin Megami Tensei fanzine, will be in the future too!


Props to everyone in the comics scene who has supported all these projects!

Props to friendly publishers: Chili Com Carne, Snakebomb, Latrina do Chifrudo, Happiness, MMMNNNRRRG!

And there goes another year.

See you in 2012.


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