666 HARDWARE – complete 4 u to read – hail satan 666

On September 2011, i released 666 HARDWAREAt the time, it was my longest comic ( 28 pages ). Also i treated it as a collector’s item, with a cool dustcover that also had a wraparound bonus cover by André Coelho.

I hate it now. But here’s the full comic for your appreciation ( since i don’t have plans of selling this anymore cause i hate it now ).

Cover_Prev3 666hardware_3 666hardware_4 666hardware_5 666hardware_6 666hardware_7 666hardware_8 666hardware_9 666hardware_10 666hardware_11 666hardware_12 666hardware_13 666hardware_14 666hardware_15 666hardware_16 666hardware_17 666hardware_18 666hardware_19 666hardware_20 666hardware_21 666hardware_22 666hardware_23 666hardware_24 666hardware_25 666hardware_26 666hardware_27 666hardware_28 666hardware_29 666hardware_30


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