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Comix Artist, Designer and Musician. Puking art like a bullimic teenager.

666 HARDWARE – complete 4 u to read – hail satan 666

On September 2011, i released 666 HARDWARE. At the time, it was my longest comic ( 28 pages ). Also i treated it as a collector’s item, with a cool dustcover that also had a wraparound bonus cover by André Coelho. I hate it now. But here’s … Continue reading

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Afonso Ferreira’s LOVE HOLE

After almost two years of being serialized in LODAÇAL COMIX,  Afonso Ferreira’s LOVE HOLE gets a disgusting treatment and is compiled into a book. It brings us the story of the psychotic Josh and the strange series of events that happen … Continue reading

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Months ago, i did this Comix Zone inspired piece for Jimmy Giegerich’s book with videogame fan-art, Bits in Multiples of 8. This was one of those games that defined my love for comics. I played the hell out of it when … Continue reading

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DIGITAL DEVIL is a Megami Tensei universe fanzine. It features illustrations, comics and texts inspired or about the entire MegaTen series ( be it Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey or Persona 3 ). After a bunch of delays, it’s finally due … Continue reading

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Sometimes creating what you like means destroying your own self. released 05 October 2012 All tracks written and performed by RUDOLFO. ————————  Track 3 with guest vocals from STRAY.  Track 5 has a sample from the movie “AMERICAN NINJA 2”  Track … Continue reading

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Something for a record cover.  

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The seventh issue of LODAÇAL COMIX comes out this September. Features the last chapter of Afonso Ferreira’s “LOVE HOLE”, longer comics, and some new/returning artists! Full Color-Cover / Around 80+ pages of B&W Comics Comics:  Afonso Ferreira, Rudolfo, Aviv Itzcovitz, Paula Almeida, M. Trower, Alabaster, AD, Audrey Morris, Nick … Continue reading

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